Think Hopeful

Positive support in your OWN anonymous peer community. Start your journey to emotional wellness - anytime, any day, and on any device.

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Our Features

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  • Anonymous Peer Community

  • 24x7 access on any device

  • Self-assessments and self-guided tracks

  • Personalized goals and 1:1 dedicated Coach

  • Daily (evenings and weekends) suite of Wellness Groups

  • Holistic wellness that includes mental wellness, substance, nutrition, and financial awareness

  • Science based as well as culturally and linguistically focused

  • Daily and cumulative progress tracking and social support

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Why Choose Us ?


Receive support from people like you who understand what youโ€™re experiencing while experiencing practical tips and solutions

Positive Motivation

Feel socially supported, gain knowledge, and promote wellness in yourself with access to your own dedicated Coach, trackable, and personalized goals 


Life happens beyond 9-5. You can access the platform for your peers, Wellness Groups, and 1:1 Coaching - in the evening and weekends to explore and practice wellness solutions

Our Mission

We're diving into an adventurous and exciting approach to wellness. We know firsthand that  formulating healthier habits can be difficult, especially when an emotional support system is absent. Through a peer community that is safe, anonymous and motivating, we promote increasing self-awareness, growing social confidence, and feeling ready to respond to life's challenges. Think Hopeful is here to help people along their healing journey to build healthy habits, a positive mindset, and strong social support.

We make wellness accessible and acceptable by understanding that each person has unique needs. We do this by creating a safe space where a nurturing peer community can anonymously support each other with guidance from dedicated Coaches, Wellness Groups, trackable and personalized goals, along with the ease of access.

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